As one of China’s leading Inspection Company, BEEinspection compromise high quality services until it become the top pre-shipment inspection company. BEEinspection Co. Ltd ensures high-quality service at an affordable price that meets client expectations. The BEEinspection Company will provide you with unequalled experience, expertise, resources, and a one-of-a-kind global presence. Therefore, BEEinspection is the best choice to do pre-shipment inspections wherever you require them. This service is primarily available in China, but it also has a robust quality control system in India and Vietnam. This company aspires to contribute to the community's well-being on a consistent basis and offers high-quality inspection services so that clients can always take great pride in quality and integrity in their services.

Quality control is imperative to avoid losses and reputational damage due to defective products. As well pre-shipment inspection of products is also essential before it dispatched form the factory. The relationship between quality control and pre-shipment inspection is to evade high cost impacts of having sub-quality products that is related with BEEinspection. Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI review) or also known as Final Random Inspection (FRI) ensure the items have been manufactured, match with the clients specification and are ready to ship. It is a quality control strategy that will assist you in ensuring the finished product’s quality. The Pre-shipment Inspection is a thorough examination of tests chosen at random from the shipment. It is normally performed when all items have been completed and the order has been packed to at least 80%.

In BEEinspection Company, before shipment, the staff will ensure that your request was created effectively and to specification. They will also check for quality at the source to avoid paying for damaged goods. To avoid health and security risks, BEEinspection ensure the capacity and safety of items is in all good conditions. Do not be worry for using BEEinspection’s services as they also check to see if the shipping marks, packaging and labelling are all correct. Other than that, the workers will also find and check if the item is working properly. As BEEinspection’s priority is their customers, thus, they will protect your brand’s image hence avoid item returns. Most importantly, BEEinspection have implemented various ways to reduce import risk, especially if you are bringing goods from a foreign supplier.

The purpose of PSI is to protect their company’s financial interests, for example, by preventing capital flight and commercial fraud, as well as customs duty evasion and to compensate for deficiencies in administrative infrastructure. When production is at least 80% complete, inspectors from an independent third-party inspection agency perform pre-shipment inspections at the factory to ensure that your shipment complies with the applicable regulations. Inspectors should adhere to your company's quality standards as well as the standards of your destination market during pre-shipment inspection. Due to this, there are few steps of procedure in BEEinspection pre-shipment service to ensure your products are safe for you as well for their company. For the first step the specialist inspector will schedule the inspection and conduct it at the factory. Then verify the quantity and by using a random selection, examine the appearance in relation to the AQL standard. After that, the specialist inspector will perform a function and safety test to the product. Packaging, packing, and product conformity verification are all steps in the fifth step. Finally, detailed inspection report has been created.

By following these steps, you are guarantee that your products are competent with the given standards, ready and safe to ship. As BEEinspection is the China's leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification firm, customers will no longer have to be concerned about the quality and risk in the production line because the BEEinspection Company’s specialists will conduct a thorough inspection and correct any production errors. Certainly, you can rely on our reputation for quality and integrity as BEEinspection make certain that your goods arrive at their destination in accordance with technical specifications, quality standards, and contractual agreements.

As a Third Party Inspection Company, BEEinspection service offers professional quality business in China, lowering your sourcing risk. Buyers, suppliers, agencies, and other trade operators use pre-shipment inspection to ensure the conformity of newly manufactured products before shipping them for export or import. BEEinspection Company also have a systematic procedure for determining whether manufactured goods for export or import meet the quantity, quality standards, specifications, and regulations requirements. Based on the findings of the assessment of each criterion, the quality control inspector compiles a comprehensive inspection report and issues pre-shipment inspection certificates. Most countries in this world require pre-shipment inspection certificates from local customs departments to allow imported goods into the country in order to protect the client' health and safety. Hence, BEEinspection’s pre-shipment services provide numerous benefits whether you are exporting or importing and should be prioritised. This quality control company also ensures that all the items purchased are handled with care as protected transportation when they are stacked into containers and shipped to their final destination. This inspection is usually carried out at the factory's distribution centre or the forwarder's warehouse. Undoubtedly, BEEinspection is always chosen as the top pre-shipment in China as it have advance technology used for pre-shipment inspection in order to deliver great quality of services for your products.

 About the company

BEEinspection Co. Ltd is a leading inspection company that has been in operation for over 20 years, beginning in 1999. The company's goal is to provide high-quality products and services to customers by offering affordable product inspection services such as pre-production inspection, during production inspections, product monitoring, pre-shipment inspection, container loading supervision, and Amazon FBA inspection. For the past few years, it has been the driving force behind its development and market longevity.

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