Refund Policy

In the event of a cancellation of any service, including the cancellation of an entire Project or single service provided as part thereof, due to cancellation by Client or the supplier of Client whose facility or product is the subject of the Service (“Supplier”), due in no part to any fault of BEEinspection, Client shall be invoiced only for Expenses already incurred and not redeemable by BEEinspection, such as non-refundable transportation or accommodation costs.

For cancellations by Client within 24 hours of performance (“Late Cancellation”), a Late Cancellation Fee equal to the base Service Fee shall apply in addition to any Expenses already incurred. Cancellations shall also include a change in Client Requirements or Service Details, or failure on the part of Client or Supplier to provide necessary information, documentation or samples, requiring a change in the Quotation or Service Booking. In the event that BEEinspection personnel arrive at a Client or Supplier facility to perform a service and the facility or products are deemed unprepared, as determined by BEEinspection, for the performance of the Service according to Client Requirements, the service shall be deemed canceled by the Supplier for which a Late Cancellation Fee shall apply. BEEinspection reserves the right to cancel any Service Booking, at any time. No Service Costs shall be payable by Client for cancellation by BEEinspection.