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Container Loading Supervision

What Is Container Loading Supervision/Inspection?

Container Loading Supervision Service is otherwise called Container Loading Inspection (CLI/CLS). It guarantees that your completed products are managed precisely as they are stacked into containers and transported by ship to their final destination. This inspection is conducted in the same method that a payload is inspected before loading into the container. Container Loading Inspections are usually conducted at the manufacturing line's distribution center or the forwarder's distribution center and are conducted after a Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI Inspection).

Our inspector monitors stacking process, ensuring that the correct items and quantities are stacked, and reviewing the appropriate packages and quality of the product. This is the last opportunity to confirm compliance with your quantity, mix, and packaging requirements. That is why a large number of coordinations organisations collaborate with us on a long-term period.

Benefits Of Container Loading Inspection (CLI/CLS)

  1. No substitutions are allowed for the required goods as they are piled into containers.
  2. The box amount is correct.
  3. Ascertain that you get the complete number requested at the destination.
  4. Verify that the goods are shipped safely (limitation of broken merchandise because of the loading).
  5. Reduce the possibility of incorrect quantities, incorrect products, or faulty stock being shipped.
  6. Enhance your procurement abilities.
  7. Save money and time!

Container Loading Inspection Report

The stacking assessment report will be given, including measuring the items, condition of packaging and holder, and the compartment stuffing strategy dependent on the above inspection checklist.

All the stages of the loading supervision will be documented with photos.


SALE : $179   |   Original Price : $299.00



  • Quantity and assortment
  • Correct products
  • Condition of containers
  • Supervising proper loading
  • Condition of export cartons
  • Delaying loading during inclement weather
  • Shipping marks
  • Client special requirements
  • You will get a detailed inspection report via email within 24 hours of inspection.


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