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During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection - Know What Happens

It is essential to manufacture excellent products to maintain the company chain's inventory. It is, however, difficult to deal with the production specifically without first conducting a DUPRO inspection.

When 20% of the items have been created during the creation process, it is essential to conduct inspection to filter out the problems. Assisting you with quality control in the production cycle will substantially impact your company's growth.

BEEinspection has a strong reputation in the industry for providing on-site expert supervision during the production process to identify and resolve minor issues that may develop into major problems later. We inspect with DUPRO under AQL or ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQZ1.4) conditions.

As such, during production inspection, is the process of rectifying minute faults that occur during the manufacturing process.

During the manufacturing process, a professional team of inspectors checks for minute entanglements such as the following:

The difference between the expected production and the current state of the output.

The quality for semi-finished and fully finished products.

Production volume and quantities.

Matching the items to the customers' requirements.

Matching the quality of products against foreign firms' manufacturing specifications.

Great stamping, packing and marking of items.

Precise estimation of the item's scale and weight.

Performing a drop test for the carton (ASTM D5276.)

Functional monitoring is carried out using a variety of other components, including hi-pot and resistance.

Adhesive Inspection (ASTM D3359-02.)

You must integrate them into your manufacturing process if you want to grow your company and take it to new heights.

SALE : $179   |   Original Price : $299.00



  • Quantity
  • Marking & Labeling
  • Workmanship
  • Client Special Requirement
  • On-Site Tests
  • Semi-finished product check
  • Product Specification
  • Raw materials check
  • Packing
  • You will get a detailed inspection report via email within 24 hours of inspection.


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