Who is BEEinspection

BEEinspection provides professional and independent quality-control and inspection services to companies in China. With a team of about 90 inspection staff, we have been providing our services since 1999. Our services cover the entire production process including development of products, material acquisition, manufacturing quality management, and logistics.

We claim with confidence that our services are much more evolved than any other typical QC management provider. We take a highly interactive approach that meets your exact needs by letting you define them.

Our targets are straight forward: providing organizations with QC services that they can rely on for its flexibility and unbiasedness. Our main market is companies with varying operation sizes sitting across the globe that import goods from China or other Asian countries.

What we can do

Production Inspection
Pre-Production Inspection
During Production Inspection
Production Monitoring
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Container Loading Supervision
Amazon FBA Inspection

Supplier Audit
Supplier Qualification Audit
Extensive Factory Audit
Social Audit
Environmental Audit

Lab Testing
Toys Safety


What Makes BEEinspection Unique?

  • We operate in a way that you could see us as your personal assistants in Asia, providing quality control services to your organization through our fully trained and routinely monitored staff. This immense focus on quality is what makes us special.
  • Our information collection is highly sophisticated and focuses primarily on accuracy of data.
  • You can find a lot of free information from us while you are trying to decide what manufacturer to import products from.
  • Certified by AQSIQ and Chinese government for performing Quality Assurance checks in China.

What You Expect to Get

Here are a few benefits that you can get by working with us.

  • Efficiency: We save your time by working at hours when you are not.
  • Cost: Our pricing is affordable for most companies and we provide a huge benefit for a small investment.
  • Transparency: You get to keep a close eye on everything going on at the Chinese end through our communication center.
  • Systemic Approach: We help you organize your ordering process every step of the way.

By treating our clients as our partners, we ensure that they get the best service quality that meets not only their internal needs but also all the international regulations and standards.