Can you introduce your company briefly?

BEEinspection is a third-party inspection organization that is focusing on quality control and quality confirmation in Asia. We practice and are specialists in item examinations, industrial facility reviews, and lab testing. We can review any request and review any factory within 48 hours, anywhere in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

How do I get started?

  • Sign up online to create your private account on our website; it is free of charge and requires no commitment.
  • After your account is activated, you will pick your ideal assistance and spot a request on the web. In your request, you will be providing us your prerequisites, directions, particulars, criteria online (24/7).
  • Our Operation team will prepare, facilitate and mastermind your booked service and you will get an affirmation email. If you have any inquiries, you can reach us whenever.
  • On the day of the requested services, you will get your complete illustrate report by email, and it will be posted on your secure private account.

Why should I choose BEEinspection?

  • Efficiency

We influence innovation to carry more noteworthy incentives to your association through higher service levels.

  • Personalization

A custom-made convention, report, and KPIs to focus on your item and quality prerequisites

  • Excellence Services

More than 80% of our regular clients have depended on BEEinspection for over three years.

  • Asia Expert
  • In less than 24 Hours, the BEEinspection inspector or auditor can deliver a service in 14 countries in Asia.

Do you offer sourcing services to find providers and oversee projects?

We don't offer any sourcing services. All data about our customer's merchants and the factory is confidential and will not be transmitted to other parties. All data will not be sold or utilized for some other reason than the quality control administration you are paying for.

Can I discuss with you in detail my criteria and product specifications?

Obviously, and we welcome you to reach us to clarify your quality necessities.

What information does your inspection report include?

Our reports are incredibly definite, delineated with pictures, and cover the accompanying:

  • Item appearance, workmanship quality
  • Item specifications review: quantity, material, color, size, estimations, labeling and marking, packaging, packing, accessories, dispatching marks, etc.
  • On site testing and special checks.
  • Significant remarks and professional feedback.

How long does it take to obtain the inspection results?

For inspections in China, results are sent within 24 hours after finishing the investigation.

Who will approve or reject the shipment?

As per your directions, details, and rules, we assess the shipment as indicated by AQL global guidelines. At that point, our outcomes are given to you through a completely itemized and outlined report, which ought to permit you to conclude whether to permit the shipment of your items. You can acknowledge or dismiss your shipment straightforwardly on the web.

Which regions do you cover?

BEEinspection provides quality control and quality confirmation administrations in 14 nations in Asia: from Indonesia to Pakistan and from China to Thailand.

How much does it cost?

Item Inspections and Factory Audits start at US$199 comprehensive. Item investigations are typically performed inside one person-day. The quantity of person-days required relies upon the absolute arranged amount, your item's intricacy, and the number of references to inspect.

How can I pay?

You can pay online via Paypal.

What happens if non-adjusting products are discovered when the shipment arrives?

It is exceptionally uncommon that non-adjusting merchandise make it out of the factory if BEEinspection is hired. In by far most of cases, the main cause ends up to be damage during transportation or shipments were affirmed after a failed review and the purchaser confides in the factory (who was likely expected to adjust the products) enough to send without having played out a re-investigation or a deformity arranging administration. Hence, we enthusiastically prescribe you to book re-review or imperfection arranging administration after a bombed assessment and to work with your delivery accomplices to safeguard the item against harm on the way. BEEinspection ensures that we will review the item to the norm and strategies endorsed by the customer (counting picked inspecting size).

Why doesn't BEEinspection provide a warranty on behalf of the supplier?

As it isn't financially reasonable for most customers to investigate each unit in the request, AQL tables decide the number of units to be reviewed, which will yield a genuinely substantial example size. If the investigation on the arbitrarily chosen parcel works out correctly, it is genuinely far-fetched that imperfections will be found in the remainder of the request.

For instance, if there are 100 expert containers in a request and 50 units for each expert container for 5000 units absolute. Our inspectors would open indiscriminately a particular arrangement of expert boxes (the square base of the all outnumber of containers) and further select aimlessly many individual units inside that ace container according to testing size picked by the customer. Nonetheless, if the provider realized they had a couple of dozen imperfections and bundled the deformities all together in one segment of one expert container, at that point, it would be genuinely far-fetched that our examiner would discover this pocket of imperfections. Consequently, BEEinspection doesn't give a guarantee for the provider. Yet, we stress to our customers that they ought to have vigorous POs, guarantee terms, and installment terms with their providers that ensure their inclinations. Negotiating such terms with the provider is outside of the extent of our business at BEEinspection. However, our Endorsed Partners can assist with the arrangements and agreement audit.

Where do I send golden /reference/pre-production/approval samples?

It is ideal to send them straightforwardly to your factory, in a fixed package to our consideration. In China, you can likewise send samples to our office, seal them, and send them to the factory to consider our inspector. BEEinspection will assimilate courier expenses up to 5 USD. Please assist us with recognizing the package by composing the BEEinspection request number on it. Confirm which office to send it to by checking our office's address on your dashboard or contact your account director straightforwardly.

How can I get production samples collected during an inspection?

Let us know that you might want us to collect a production sample. This can be done either on the web or by reaching your account supervisor. We can pick "normal" pieces at random or select damaged examples for your reference. Thi service is free of charge, and samples are shipped off to you using your dispatch account. Alternatively, we can send the sample to you or our office, and you cover any dispatch charges surpassing US$ 5. We can likewise get production samples without performing out an inspection.