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Pre-Shipment Inspection

What is Pre-Shipment Inspection?

The Pre-shipment Inspection or PSI survey, often called Final Random Inspection (FRI), ensures that the things have been manufactured, match the customers' request, and are set up to deliver. It is a quality control system to help you secure the nature of the completed product.

The Pre-shipment Inspection is a thorough investigation of samples randomly selected from the shipment. It is usually done once all products have been finished and the order has been loaded at least 80%.

The Benefits From Pre-Shipment Inspection:

  1. Verify that the request was produced successfully and according to specification before the shipping.
  2. Verify the accuracy of the merchandise at the source to prevent charges for defective goods.
  3. Verify the item's capability and security to avoid health and security risks.
  4. Determine the accuracy of the shipping labels, packaging, and marking.
  5. Ascertain the item's accuracy.
  6. Avoid product refunds and protect the brand's name.
  7. Reduce import risks; this is particularly important if you import from a supplier abroad that is too far away.

Six Steps in the Pre-shipment Inspection Process:

Step 1: Schedule For An Inspection Date And Perform The Inspection At The Factory

Step 2: Validation of Quantities.

Step 3: Random Selection, Verification of Appearance Using the AQL Standard.

Step 4: Check For Function And Safety.

Step 5: Packing, packaging, and verification of product conformity.

Step 6: Report of Thorough Inspection.

    SALE : $179   |   Original Price : $299.00



    • Contract quantities.
    • The Packaging, packing way and related labels.
    • The storage way of your products.
    • Product appearance, workmanships.
    • Function, size, and measurement.
    • Functional testing and other safety tests.
    • Barcode verification etc.related shipping marks, labeling.
    • Other specified requirements from you.
    • You will get a detailed inspection report via email within 24 hours of inspection.


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