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Amazon FBA Inspection

What is Amazon FBA Inspection?

These are the types of evaluations often performed at the end of the supply chain after the goods have been packed and prepared for shipping. Amazon has a total rundown of prerequisites that ought to be met before your items are acknowledged available to be purchased from Amazon.

BEEinspection offers a stress-free Amazon FBA inspection to ensure Amazon does not reject the products due to poor quality or a breach of Amazon FBA guidelines.

What Is Amazon FBA Review Checklist?

Once the items have been manufactured and packaged into cartons, BEEinspection will send Amazon FBA inspection experts to review the products to ensure they meet specific requirements, including the following guidelines for specifications and tests during the FBA inspection:

Monitor the product's consistency concerning the customer's requirements.

Confirms that the products follow the specifications set out in the requirements.

Perform monitoring systems to ensure the products' consistency.

Verified the size and weight of the carton to ensure they meet the FBA specifications.

The products should be well labeled and branded, including cardboard tags, suffocation labels, and FNSKU labels.

Confirm that the packaging adheres to the Amazon FBA shipping requirements.

Types Of Inspection Service

Various types of inspection facilities are available for FBA shipping:

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI Inspection)

Pre-shipment inspection focuses on detecting defects before goods being packaged and prepared for shipping, resulting in a more cost-effective and transparent operation. Usually, inspection companies will provide three types of quality inspection:

Full Inspection (Defect Sorting Service)

Each product will be reviewed.

Spot/Random Inspection:

Around 10% of the products are inspected.

AQL Random Inspection:

For analysis, samples are obtained using the AQL Sampling Technique.

While a thorough inspection can cost more, it is the most reliable procedure. Consider the following: A partial inspection is being conducted, and of the 100 objects selected, 20 have defects. How do you see this? There is a probability that there will be additional defective goods.

If this happens, you can either accept the risk that 20% of 100 goods will be defective or increase the price to cover the cost of a full inspection to ensure that the products are of acceptable quality. Indeed, a detailed inspection is a rational decision. Additionally, you can review the company's entire quality control process, determine how the flaws were created, identify if any other products could be damaged, and then make a final decision.

Amazon FBA Inspection Report         

What information is included in the documents for the Amazon FBA Inspection? The findings assist with carefully examining the goods to identify any defects compared to the thorough checklist used in the review. Generally, each section of the report is supported by visual evidence that aids in understanding.

Main Sections Of The FBA Inspection Report Include:

Inspection comments: This section contains a summary of the whole report.

Section of Visual and Workmanship Check: Evaluates the level of competence applied to the producer's performance and calls attention to any concerns.

The section on quantity conformity: Summarises the goods' compatibility with customer requirements.

The section on product compatibility: Summarises the product's characteristics and addresses some questions about its quality.

Amazon Product Specifications: Illustrates some of the challenges associated with adhering to Amazon's labeling standards.

Amazon Packaging Requirement: Compared to Amazon requirements, it shows certain shortcomings in the products' packaging.

The Field Test section: Contains the results of the inspection performed on the items.

Measurement section: Reports on measurement issues with goods and their compliance with customer requirements.

Carton Weight and Measurements: Highlights a few of the challenges associated with the measurement and weight of cartons defined by Amazon FBA.

You will overcome any shipping problems on time with these informative reports that include photographs while saving your money and time.

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Amazon FBA inspection is a critically important process before any Amazon vendor's products are ready for shipment. It assists you in identifying and resolving manufacturing problems before the items reaching your client's hands. It will save you both time and money. Additionally, it helps motivate you to develop your brand by gaining customer loyalty and constructive feedback.

 Amazon FBA Labelling Guide

FNSKU Labelling

FNSKU is the identifier used by Amazon to identify products as exclusive to the retailer that delivered them to the Amazon distribution warehouse.

Amazon offers 11 distinct categories of FNSKU mark standards on its website. As a result, the seller can choose one of the labels for their goods. These various brand categories allow you to identify the type of product you are purchasing. "Labels 40-up On A4 paper, 52.5 mm x 29.7 mm "are the most commonly used mark on items sold on Amazon.

The following table summarises all of the available alternatives for printing FNSKU labels:

Available as part of the Labels collection:

Units intended to be purchased as a package should not be divided and purchased separately. To convey to Amazon that these items will be distributed in their entirety and not as a single entity, they should have labeled & branded properties on their outer packaging.

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  • Amazon Label Requirements
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  • Measurements
  • Carton Weight & Dimensions
  • You will get a detailed inspection report via email within 24 hours of inspection.


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