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Pre-Production Inspection

What Is Pre-Production Inspection?

Following the successful completion of the provider identification protocol, the pre-production inspection of the manufacturing procedures begins. Once the raw material reaches the warehouse, we inspect the product to fulfill the specification requirements. Our qualified inspector will make a site visit to the provider's manufacturing facility to do an in-depth inspection of the components, raw materials, and other arrangement products. Our team is skilled at resolving conflicts quickly, allowing the production process to begin productively.

What is the Pre-Production Inspection done by the BEEinspection?

BEEinspection follows a seven-step process to complete the pre-production review:

Before beginning the production process, we assign an inspector to your manufacturing facility.

Our professional inspectors will inspect all of the raw materials and specific parts needed for a seamless manufacturing process.

We have a certified group of representatives who randomly gather information, product samples, and other semi-completed review product.

Our inspector will audit the quality, colour, and layout of various objects, crude materials, and semi-completed items.

Our inspector will take pictures during the on-location manufacturing cycle to give you precise data.

Our inspector provides a model analysis for the product offering, enhancing the manufacturing process consistency operation.

A report as the documentation provided by our inspector includes pictures that give you a complete overview and a visual visit through the product line to make enhancements indicated by customers' requirements.

The Report on Pre-Production     

After completing the pre-production testing process, our inspector will provide you with a written report that includes documentation and photographs to ensure you understand what is happening in the product line to make necessary changes.

The advantages of the pre-production mechanism for Inspection

Every entrepreneur should conduct a pre-production inspection because it provides a good image of the manufacturing process. Thus, you can solve packaging issues that might threaten the product's consistency. Additionally, initial product inspection mitigates risks in the manufacturing process and identify defects in raw materials and components used in various parts. BEEinspection's mission is to assist customers by providing the following services:

We satisfy your prerequisites.

We guarantee that you will receive valuable components for high-quality products, such as garments and raw materials.

Get a decent vision of the production process.

Any problem or risk that could occur in the product line is identified.

We are correcting production flaws.

Avoiding extra costs as a result of a faulty manufacturing operation.

    SALE : $179   |   Original Price : $299.00



    • Verify the raw material status and condition
    • Verify the production readiness and quality plan
    • Inspect the packing way and related labels
    • Inspect the storage way of your products
    • Inspect workmanship appearance
    • Inspect function, size and measurement
    • Make the reliability and safety tests
    • Other specified requirements from you
    • Sampling techniques will be ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003 (equivalent to MIL-STD-105E) AQL standard or other sampling technique required by you.
    • You will get a detailed inspection report via email within 24 hours of inspection.

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